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With the Menopause, Work and Life Transformation Project you will reduce menopause symptoms and thrive in your career and your personal life. 

Understand and support your changing body to optimise your midlife health now and in the future,

Connect with like-hearted women and menopause experts and feel empowered to navigate perimenopause. 

Protect your midlife health and career.

Save struggle-time, energy and money.   

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We are stronger together  

Perimenopause hits all of us. We help you own your experience so you can thrive in your career and your personal life. 

"I can’t express strongly enough how wonderful and safe it felt being able to talk about the nitty gritty details we are often to afraid too speak of. This group event was so informative, warm and open. It’s what every woman needs to be a part of."


 "I have watched the video of our live call twice now and I have learnt so much, including that I need to see a Pelvic Physio".

"So glad I’ve found this ‘one stop shop’ for all things meno. The modules are so informative and it was awesome to get advice from professionals. I feel so much better equipped and confident to tackle what's coming."


Connect With Experts 

Join a community of menopause experts and like-hearted women. 

Support Your Body

Understand hormones and health, accessing support and solutions. 

Enhance Emotional Health

Relieve psychological symptoms of menopause. 

Get on the waitlist now and be thriving before the end of 2022! 

"I have a set of invaluable tools to deal with everything from focus to personal growth to confidence and happiness in what I do now and in the future"

Beck Walsh
Marketing Professional 

We will help you reduce your menopause symptoms and feel equipped to survive AND thrive in your career and personal life or refund your investment as long as you have completed all modules and attended the sessions.